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This year, the top 10 winners will receive a certificate of recognition of MARKETING Magazine’s Experts’ Choice of Top Raya TVCs in Malaysia and the fame that comes with the commendation.

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Submission Period: 4th April – 2nd May
Voting Period: 3rd May – 24th May
Winners Announcement: 1st June
Special Feature for Top 10 Raya TVC Winners via MARKETING Weekender on the 3rd of June 2022


You are not allowed to vote for any work you have been part of.

Duplicate submissions are automatically accepted as one vote.


Petronas Antara Dua Jendela

TNB #SemangatRayaEpikFantastik

Saji Kuah Kacang Ibu

Touch ‘n Go Dikir Sempoi

Malaysia Airlines Ucapan Raya pelbagai bangsa

TM Ramadan/Syawal

Digi Telecommunications Menyulam Budi

Perodua ‘Jumpa Lagi’ - Lagu Raya 2020

Grab Amy Cari, Grab Ada

Foodpanda Ceritarasa Ramadan




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